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    aiTextEditor / cdrTextEditor overview

    When the text matters only

    aiTextEditor / cdrTextEditor simplifies the edit and change of texts in vector-based formats (Adobe® Illustrator®, CorelDRAW®).

    The application collects text items from the vector-based file and gives a simple and clear interface for searching and editing while keeping the graphical content untouched. For the import and modification of texts, it requires the appropriate graphical application (appropriate version of Adobe® Illustrator® or CorelDRAW®). Text editing only requires Adobe® Reader®.
    This is useful in cases when these two activities are separated (eg. when more people work on the same project, they work on different computers or when data mobility is important). The modified and changed text items keep their coordinates and where possible the formatting styles. Of course this doesn’t mean there is no need for checking. There may be different lengths of text, which may need manual correction. There is an option to change the color of modified text parts, wich is very helpful for checking the new texts.

    Fields of application

    In one of our previous works we were processing data from geographic maps to help the work of cartographers. The company asked us to help because checking and editing the texts on the map manually would have taken an incredible amount of work. The software we present you here is a great help to cartographic work as it accelerates and facilitates the majority of such tasks.
    Apart from cartographic work the software is very helpful in every case where you would like to translate all text in a vector-based format into a different language. The translator doesn’t need to know or to use the application handling the format in question at all (Adobe® Illustrator®, CorelDRAW®). After the text items are imported the data is easily copied, as it is comprised in one single file, and the translator only needs to use our program. After translation, the data file can be sent back to the computer using the given graphical software and the exchange of text items is easily done.


    The application runs on Windows (XP/Vista/7) operating system.
    For importing and changing of texts, it needs the appropriate graphical application. Currently, it can work with Adobe® Illustrator® 10, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CorelDRAW® 12, X3 and X4.
    For the edit of texts, it only needs the recent version of Adobe® Reader®, because the preview image from the vector-based format is in pdf format, and we use Reader to display it.
    Reader is freely available from Adobe’s website.


    A trial version of the program can be downloaded and tried for free. The only limitation: it will only be able to import and change a maximum of 99 text items. Registration unlocks this limitation.

    If you would like a taste of the advantages of the software, take a look at the video demo and read the documentation here.

    Download aiTextEditor v1.1 trial version
    Download cdrTextEditor v1.1 trial version


    Registration fee for companies inside EU with EU VAT number or outside EU:

    aiTextEditor 149 € with EU VAT number (required)
    cdrTextEditor 149 € with EU VAT number (required)

    Registration fee for companies inside EU without EU VAT number:

    aiTextEditor 149 € + 25% VAT = 186 €
    cdrTextEditor 149 € + 25% VAT = 186 €

    Registration enables the user to install and run the program and its potential upgraded editions on one computer.

    We accept payments through PayPal – no account required!
    The registration key and the electronic account of payment will be sent after the payment was received.

    Our data as supplier:
    Name: green plug Bt.
    Address: 2030 Érd, Ötvös u. 25/1 HUNGARY
    EU VAT: HU21902141 (you can check it here)
    IBAN: HU27 1110 1909 2190 2141 3500 0008