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    for Adobe® Illustrator®

    • aiTextEditor.exe – Text item editor for Adobe® Illustrator® (standalone) and
      cdrTextEditor.exe – Text item editor for CorelDRAW® (standalone)
      Inspired by the work of cartographers. Modifying text items of a map, translating them to other language is a huge manual work. There is a serious chance for mistyping and other defects if the map contains more thousand labels. This little application helps for cartographers in this task but it’s also useful for the overview and modifying of texts in vectorbased formats. Read more here … »
      If you would like a taste of the advantages of the software, take a look at the video demo or download the trial version for free.
    • clipboard2pdf.jsx – Converts clipboard’s content to same size PDF (javascript)
      The script creates a new Illustrator document with the same dimensions as the clipboard’s content, pastes the clipboard data into it and saves as PDF.
      Download: [CS3 Win/Mac]
    • clipboard2eps.jsx – Converts clipboard’s content to same size PDF (javascript)
      The same function as the previous script for EPS format output.
      Download: [CS3 Win/Mac]

    for Adobe® InDesign®

    • roman.jsx – Converts Roman numbers to Arabic and back (javascript)
      Operation is simple: this InDesign script converts selected Roman number to Arabic numerals. If the selection contains Arabic numbers the script converts it to Roman.
      Download: [CS2/CS3 Win/Mac]

    for CorelDRAW®

    • cdrTextEditor.exe – Text item editor for CorelDRAW® (standalone)
      Product’s description see at aiTextEditor.exe

    These scripts are freely available. If you have any suggestions or questions about them, don’t hesitate to ask us. »