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    Our works

    Please take a look at some of our most interesting challenges, to get a better view on what we can do for you.

    Converting Adobe Illustrator 10 files into Illustrator CS3 format
    The problem of this client was caused by Illustrator 10, which does not support Unicode fonts, therefore stores two versions of every font (a set of regular and one of special, national characters). This way, all texts had to be produced by the mixed use of the two. In recent times, many traditional fonts were issued in Unicode versions, but opening vast archives of these files to check and correct them all seemed a task so huge that many considered not starting it at all. However, after appropriate preparations, conversion took only a couple of hours with the right solution.

    Excel graphs – giving uniform looks and converting them into PDF format
    We encountered the problem of a periodical, which used as many as 40-50 graphs in Excel format in each issue. These have all been compiled by different users, therefore all were completely unique in terms of layout and use of font. To make it even more difficult, these graphs were used on different platforms (Windows and OSX), so they have usually been handed over in PDF format.
    Our solution used a script to give the spreadsheets a universal look, and saved the charts into PDF format using Illustrator. All of them, on one push of a button.

    Support of localization and indexing of Adobe Illustrator maps.
    This had been one of our most challenging tasks, and it would be impossible to sum it up in a few lines. Others have tried it, as the success of our work had been mentioned on the website of Adobe’s Hungarian distributor, All we need to add is, that our solution included the unification of data we gained from processing the Illustrator files and Excel spreadsheets in an sql database. Regarding the result, the maps had been placed in Illustrator again, while the indices were transferred into QuarkXPress.
    If you´re interested in the case study, contact us, and we will send you the detailed explanation of this solution free of charge.

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